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Published on 发表于 發表於 17/05/2021 at 09:15am

Plaza Premium Partners with Capital One 环亚与Capital One合作 環亞與Capital One合作

“With Plaza Premium Group’s 22 years of expertise in building world-class lounge experience, we are confident in developing a comforting, memorable and seamless airport experience that delights Capital One’s customers and serves travellers evolving needs and expectations.”

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“环亚集团在打造世界级贵宾室体验方面拥有22年的丰富经验,我们有信心拓展出更舒适、难忘和无缝的机场体验,让Capital One的客户感到愉悦,并满足旅客不断变化的需求和期望。”

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「環亞集團在打造世界級貴賓室體驗方面擁有22年的豐富經驗,我們有信心開發出舒適、難忘和無微不至的機場體驗,讓Capital One的客戶感到快樂,並滿足旅客不斷改變的需求和期望。」

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